Deep Well Pump Protectors

When installing a pump, it is important to ensure that the well does not run out of water, causing the pump to run dry. The typical way to do this is by using a float switch. However, this is not always an option for many wells, which is where the pump protector comes in.

This pump protector’s main purpose is to prevent the pump from running dry and damaging itself. It does this by sensing the amperage being drawn by the pump and automatically shutting the pump off if the water is too low.

A float switch is required to be installed next to the pump. If you have an extremely deep well, it may be difficult to install and/or service the switch if it ends up malfunctioning. However, the pump protector does not need to be installed inside the well and is instead situated near your power source or pressure switch.

The pump protector can also be used with optional traditional water level switches if desired, which are included in the package.

It is available for the 220V Hallmark Industries models listed below.

HPVoltagePump Model NumberPump Protector
1/2220MA0343X-4ABuy Now
1220MA0414X-7ABuy Now
2220MA0419X-12ABuy Now


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